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Mobile Roulette  Getting the best value for your device, before and after

Mobile Roulette – Getting the best value for your device, before and after Optus offers unmetered music and video streaming. Telstra throws in free Foxtel and cheap cinema tickets. Vodafone offers loyalty discounts and trade-in credits. In most cases, phone repayment costs are subsidised or, at the very least, cut up into interest-free payments. In most cases, these are cost-effective options when you want “the best” phone. But in many cases, you can end up forking out over $100 a month for high data caps when you might only use a fraction of that data. Most plans tend to start off with very poor value. 2gb, for example, for $85. But for an extra $10, this jumps to 10gb. Another $10, 30gb. It makes sense to keep track of your past monthly data use over the previous 12 months and calculate the average to see what plan works out.

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